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PATTAN releases major findings of its recently conducted study on the state of religious minorities in Pakistan. Read full text and press coverage
Pattan in Media

National Coordinator Op-ed articles



Islamabad, 4 January 16: INSPIRING Pakistan and PATTAN launched report - One year after, State of ICT Local Government System .
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Dawn News
The Nation
Pattan facilitated to form Women Councilors’ Network in Islamabad on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Read More .....
10th June 2015' Mr. Sarwar Bari addressing to the participants of the workshop on "Disaster Risk Reduction & Poverty". More .....
"Pattan releases major findings of its study on “Status of Non-Muslim Citizens in Pakistan.More
An eye opening report on gender disparities based on the baseline data collected in 2012 from all adult male and female populations of 48 flood affected locations across Punjab, Khyber Pukhyunkhwa and Sindh. More .....

Our Vision
To have a democratic and just society where all people enjoy equal economic, political, socio-cultural, religious rights, equitable opportunities and benefit from the development process without discrimination.
Our Mission
PATTAN is committed to mainstreaming marginalized and isolated communities including disaster prone people, groups and women into political and economic decision-making processes at all levels through mobilization, networking, capacity-building and advocacy for structural and policy change.

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